Can a skinny kid get abs?

Visible abs are due to 3 things:

a. your dna; can't do anything about that

b. low body fat uncovering whatever is there; sounds like you are there already

c. doing ab work.

That said you won't know what "a" brings for you until you do "c". Not everyone is going to have the same big muscled look in the abs even with work, but you should be able to get the Ryan Gosling skinny guy visible rippling if you do abs work. Bicycle movement on the floor, jackknives, planks (front and sides), crunch and crunch machine (if yiou don't have spine/disc issues), and more a good trainer can show you.

How to design my own diet plan

Hi! You want to lose weight? If that's what you are looking for, maybe you want to consider following a diet plan i used a few months ago.If you want to learn about my diet plan, you should check: How to lose weight in 2

I'm 15 years old and work out about 4-5 times a week. Am I okay to eat protein bars after my workouts?

Absolutely! I wouldn't make this a daily routine however as it could lead to minor weight gain (fat, not muscle) as protein bars tend to have some unnecessary carbs and sugars in them. I would stick to wholesome foods such as lean beef, fish, potatoes (especially sweet potatoes) whole

What should be the first steps in transitioning from an unhealthy, sedentary lifestyle to a more active lifestyle?

Buying a wearable fitness gadget which is capable of sensing your steps (pedometer ) calories burnt, your idle time (sitting time / sleeping time) and heart beat ( pulse rate).Download app like chronometer which will keep track of your foods and