Can a skinny person get a fat? How?

Getting fat and gaining weight are two things. Every person has a 'saturation point', an upper bound of weight after which there is no more weight gain, and a lower bound below which you cannot lose weight. If you are looking to add a few extra pounds, make sure you do it healthily.

But if you are asking for a recipe of disaster, I can tell you, because I gained 72kg in the past 6–7 years! And I am only 24 years old!

A skinny person can get fat with age, firstly. Even if your diet does not change, the effects are seen a year or two down the line. For me, my weight gain owed to eating large portions of food, even if it was home cooked. Add a load of sugars and soft drinks on that (6–8 glasses of Coke a day!), and also junk food, our mortal enemy. I used to weigh 80kg back in 2010, and weighed 152kg in June 2018. Thankfully, I have repented from my ways, and have managed to lose 30kg in 2 months. It's time to go back to 80kg.

Why do people wear their pants below their boxers?

This trend among young males makes no sense whatsoever !' if they knew how foolish it was and how awful they looked they would pull them up ! This started I believe , in the prisons when men wanted to send a silent signal to another prisoner that they wanted sexual relations! It became popular

What doctor should you visit for a strong wrist pain?

An orthopedic surgeon, or a non-surgical Sports medicine physician. General orthopedic surgeons are quite common and will be an excellent place to start for most patients. Non-surgical Sports Medicine physicians are rare but may be better if you really want to

At present, it seems Donald Trump will win 2020 election for sure, what are possible scenarios that Democratic Party can turn the table?

I seriously doubt Trump will win the 2020 election.For one thing, he's only popular with one demographic: poorly educated white people. He's alienated himself from women, black people, Hispanic people, Muslim people, the LGBT community, independents, and even moderate Republicans.It's extremely rare for an incumbent president to