Can a spouse file a separate divorce suit after the other spouse does?

The answer depends on where you live. In Pennsylvania, the divorce complaint has to specify if a previous divorce has ever been filed, and I think it would be very easy to get rid of the 2nd case if there were already a first. The better question is why on earth would someone want to waste money on the filing fees to file a duplicate action?? If there are points that the defendant to the first action wants to get across to the court, then instead of filing a new complaint he or she can file a responsive pleading to the existing complaint.

Why don't we just have one meal per day?

I eat only one meal a day; i.e., a small to medium portion between 4pm to 6pm, everyday. I am almost never hungry (or, to say it correctly: I almost never feel hungry), and I do not know why. I do not eat breakfast and I do not eat lunch; except for occasion when I am invited to

I love a married Indian man, but can an Indian citizen marry more than one woman?

If he is a Muslim, he can marry you and another two more legally. If he is not muslim then he cant not marry you before divorcing his present wife.According to Indian Marriage law no man can marry again if he has a legal wife alive untill they get divorced. But Muslims have their own personal law under

Can one stop being gay?

Actually, yes.In fact I just met a person today who used to be gay and is now straight.Don't downvote me yet, just stay with me, I promise I'm not crazy.Today my school hosted a professional development conference for teachers in the New York State Association