Can a surgeon be very successful even with essential tremor, or can a surgeon take a beta blocker to reduce hand tremor and be very successful?

It might be surprising to most lay people, but as long as you (the surgeon) are not doing extremely fine and precise work you don't actually have to have legendary, virtuoso, rock steady hands to be an amazing surgeon. Examples where you need above average steadiness and technical ability would be neurosurgery, vascular, plastics (microscope work), or ophtho.

For other surgeons, the vast majority of being an excellent surgeon is excellent and decisive decision making, i.e. "Do I cut this, do I tie this, or should I approach this part of the operation from here, or here...Is it this plane I should dissect or is it this plane? Am I going too far in this part of operation, or should I stop while I'm ahead? Should I approach this from another angle?"

And even more important than those minute to minute intra-operative technical decisions, are the overall operative clinical decisions - i.e. "Will this patient tolerate joining their bowel back together, or do I need to back out and come back later? Should I take this tumor out, or is that going to cause more pain and suffering for the patient in the long run? Who are the patients I shouldn't operate on?" - Those decisions are reason why the training is so. long.

Sure, you do have to have some level of technical ability, and you probably shouldn't be below average, but the vast majority of this ability can be taught, and it always plays second fiddle to decision making.

With an essential tremor, which I'm assuming means you have an actual medical condition - It depends on how bad it is, and whether you think its going to get worse with time. It's not ideal, but if its minimal, it might be ok.

A great technical surgeon who makes suboptimal decisions is far more dangerous than an average technical surgeon who makes great clinical decisions.

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