Can a tea detox make you lose weight fast?

If you see any product with the word "detox" in it, walk right on by. The only weight the detox will shed is from your wallet. Some "detox" protocols include food restrictions that place you in a deficit, and that's how you lose weight. In addition some have you go low or even no carb, so your body sheds it glycogen stores, and with each molecule of glycogen comes 3–4 molecules of water, and hence you lose water weight which will just come straight back when you resume eating carbs again.

But it's a scam to claim that any product can "detoxify" your body is any way shape or form. So just walk right on by.

What is the benefit of going to gym daily?

Hey There!!Gym has much more benefits to our life then just on our body. I will try to list some of them here:Obviously you workout so your body is working you are not allowing to accumulate the fat on your body.GYM needs dedication,discipline, consistency with the help of gym if you could achieve these

What was the very first mathematical fact you learned that blew your mind?

In 2009, when I was in my 9th standard; My math teacher asked the class to find the sum of the first 100 numbers.We were four friends sitting on the same bench and we thought of impressing the teacher by answering quickly.So we divided 100 into 4

How do entrepreneurs fight depression?

Meet other inspiring entrepreneur and your energy will come back. Listen to leaders may be through online videos, or attend seminars and events. To keep yourself up always, keep learning now things, and generate new ideas , new ways to work out things. Have business analysis which will