Can a woman work out during her period/menstruation?

Yes, if it doesn't bother you, working out is absolutely fine.

With some cramps, it makes things worse. With others, it temporarily makes it worse but improves it afterwards.

You might want to gauge your recovery times if you're a competitive athlete, so you know what your body needs different during different parts of your cycle (if anything), or how your cycle affects performance.

Even on heavy flow days, you're not losing a much blood.

(Unrelatedly: I've actually seen research that the "women are anemic because of menstruation" is untrue; that because men don't menstruate they're worked up for other causes (ulcers, often) and that women have the same causes, but the doctor assumes it's menstruation, so it becomes chronic and she is untreated. )

Anyway, have fun!
Do video games make you smarter or dumber?

depends on the gameif it's a good game it will develop some good skill even if it's not your intelligencestrategy/puzzle games will help with problem solving and other purely mental qualitiesFPS or other fast paced games will improve your reaction times and reflexesI personally can't think of any more examples but I think this is adequate

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Surprise people, yes I am.I don't want to go too far into this because my friends are sure to see this. If so, hi there. Please don't bring any more stress onto me and my life.It started in the 2017–18 school year. I was having

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I'm going to make the assumption that this question is regarding skeletal muscle.The notion that an argument can not be made for a most important muscle group is ridiculous. I encourage anyone who embraces this idea to consider the difference between exclusiveness and importance.Of