Can an 18 year old girl use shatavari for weight gain?

Shatavari benefits for females are limitless. It's a great herb by nature. Ayurveda says that shatavari can cure almost all body problems of females.

Shatavari Enhances Females Reproductive System And Hormone Level which in turn makes them happy and healthy. If you are happy and healthy, then you will automatically gain weight.

If a woman takes Shatavari root power in regular intervals then it enhances her beauty.

It makes your joints stronger, makes your skin soft and glowing, cure irregular periods problem, removes the stress, strengthens the uterine strength during childbirth and pregnancy.

It improves the lactation and gets rid of hot flashes, irregular memory, irritability, and dryness during menopause.

This herb balances hormone level in body. It's very good for immune system and liver.

Just by pure shatavari root power and consume 2 tablespoonful of this with lukewarm milk every night before going to bed. Do not eat anything 2 hours before of after this.

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Shatavari benefits for females

Shatavari benefits for men

If you seriously want to gain weight and increase height then you should take Ashwagandha root powder too. Ashwagandha is a miraculous herb to gain weight, increase height, improve immune system and body strength. So just go for both. Consuming this herb is same like shatavari.

Benefits Of Ashwagandha

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