Can an engineer become a school teacher?

Please do not do it.

Teacher is not a good trade.

You go studying for a whole five years at the university but at the end you end up teacher.

Education authorities send you to some skid row high school to teach Cleetus, Clarence and Buckley Descartes' theories. Obviously they do not give a heck.

Be insulted and threatened by Randy all day long.

Five years at the university for a shitty salary.

Despised by society.

Have arguments with Billy's parents, because he's a genius, but you give him bad grades.

And do not forget staff meetings.

Please do not became a teacher.

Yes. Sure. If you are planing for a long time proper teaching career, you will need a B.Ed. degree for which any graduate with min 50% is eligible. You will have to offer Science & Teachnology as your specialized subject along with p'haps Math as second subject. Some unis may also allow you greater freedom with second subject. I am a very senior faculty of Teacher Edu (Training) so this is authentic info. Later schools can employ you as Science teacher. Some schools may also employ you without B.Ed. but it can't be on permanent basis. Now a days, we get some students from Engg. Pharmacy & also Management background. Many Engg students come with an aim of learning Teaching Methodology & then start a coaching class.

I would like to give an example of my friend Er Ankur Pandey . He is an Computer Science Engineering graduate from a decent college of Gwalior M.P, India.

He has started his career as a Mathematics tutor and used to teach pupil during his engineering as well and worked under one coaching institute who used to be top coaching institute in area.

He engraved gems under other's institute and finally after gathering all his courage and experience, he started his own venture as Next Gen Classes in same area. His ~90% student scored A Grade in mathematics and science and some of them are qualified for Mathematics Olympiad, Science Olympiad and KVPY that too National Level.

His hard work and unique style of teaching grew his revenue from ~7LPA to ~14LPA in a year only and has many offers of Head of department and Teaching from renown schools of Gwalior.

One of the interesting thing that top coaching institute which did not value him, is ready to collaborate with him now because of certain business losses.

He did not do any course but if you want to you can go for BEd to have better chances and opportunities.

PS: I and Ankur grew and studied together in school time and this is not a fabricated story.

This motivates me and i hope it will motivate you as well.

Can an engineer become a school teacher?

An engineer can become a school teacher.

A doctor can become a school teacher.

A chartered accountant can become a school teacher.

A IAS officer can become a school teacher.

A Scientist can become a school teacher.

A degree holder can become a school teacher.

A schoolboy himself can become a school teacher.

Actually, anybody can become a school teacher who have patience, will and strong desire to shape the world. And the later is what differentiates a good teacher from those anybody I mentioned about. And we seriously lack good teachers.

And yes, some schools demand B.Ed for working as a teacher in their institutes. For teaching in a government school, you will have to pass an entrance examination, also, here, B.Ed is mandatory.

Good luck, teacher!


Even my wife has done her engineering and here's an story how she became an Primary School Teacher.

She was interested in painting/drawing, So she started up with the drawing classes , few kids turned up and after interacting with them , she found something was missing in their school i.e. not the curriculum but the method of teaching the curriculum. She usually say PARENTS PAY ONLY FOR CURRICULUM AND INFRASTRUCTURE OF SCHOOLS, NOT FOR REAL EDUCATION. After some discussions , she applied for Primary School Teacher in renowned Kids chain of schools , and she eventually got in. I saw her , she is working hard in preparing the materials/handouts and did a tiny research as well only for teaching 3–4 years kids. Even though it is tough job in terms of patience and responsibility , but she is happy in doing and indeed Satisfied.

  1. B.E.D - very much essential in most private and public sector schools if you are serious to make an impact. Doing this you can easily be allowed to teach higher classes with increased payroll.
  2. Pretty much simple if you are targeting primary classes. Target schools like DPS
  3. You want to create an impact? Go teach poor students for free in rural areas where literacy rate is low.
  4. Many NGOs are also working to create an impact. You can join one.

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