Can angels love demons?

This is a definite yes since every demon in Hell has loved ones in Heaven. Remember, 1/3 of Heaven was cast into Hell for defying God, that means 2/3 remained behind. You cannot imagine the sorrow in Heaven after the Fall, with every family losing someone.

Shawn Murphy's answer to How many angels are there in heaven?

Since only a few angels are named in earthly works, people do not understand the scope of what 1/3 means. Nor can we imagine the amount effort that the 2/3's is putting into bringing the 1/3 home.

Yes,,,a great talk about Demons.

If Earth was attacked by an advanced alien army, and we had a way to beat them if the entire world worked together, do you think we'd be able to put differences aside for the cause?

Before I go in depth with this, I'd like to point out that if an alien army attacks us, we're basically all dead already. Unlike the movies like to depict, with the aliens having a single weak spot we can utilise, or having a hive mind we can take down to kill them all, any species capable of

What is your favorite author's favorite book?

This is definitely a harder question than even the meaning of life :D So I will pick the book that has influenced me most from the author that has influenced me most in the last few years.It's one of this wise man Jiddu Krishnamurti

How will Russia react if Belarus tries to join NATO and the EU?

I have not noticed any sign that Belarus is anything other than a post-Soviet dictatorship. The Revered Leader seems comfortable, and smart enough to repress any democratic tendencies very effectively. In short, Belarus lacks the qualifications to join NATO even if it wanted to. And