Can animals communicate with one another?

Of course they can. Life would be pretty miserable to all species on earth if they were unable to communicate. We can only communicate with a percentage of humans because of language barriers so must rely on other non-verbal methods to get by, animals do all that to a much more developed level.

We recognise a smile or scowl on the face of an approaching stranger to assess our first contact and depending on the first impression we greet with an extended hand or a weapon. Animals do exactly that too , but much deeper.

We may resort to gestures or signals to try to communicate, animals turn to scent signatures for the same purpose. Then follows growls or purrs or whatever, to indicate where it is going from there.

The methods of animal communications are varied and complex, they vary enormously from one species to another, but the have common standards as mentioned above where you are in no doubt about whether it will be friendly or not at first encounter.

Their greatest advantage lays in the assessment of bodily indicators such as deportment and facial expression which reduces enormously the ability to lie or present a false front as is common in humans with our total reliance on words.

I have found over many years that our animals are far better at assessment of strangers and I have come to rely on their senses in preference to our own.

How to tell my parents that I no longer need them without hurting their feelings

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Where could I find computer hacking groups & hacking tips?

Seeing as we have NO IDEA where you live or what areas are near you, your best bet will be to use google. I could give you several russian groups, or groups in HongKong.... but would that be of any use to you for meeting up with them and getting tips? Not unless you live there and/or

At the age of 30, I am able to do 15 push-ups in one go. Am I weak?

You are normal. There are people who cannot do even one push-up. Push-ups are useful for health, they make you look better, and, best of all, they allow you to progress rapidly. Set a goal of doing 100 push-ups a day. Do them 10 at a time. Add one extra push-up to the 10 each