Can anyone be a teacher?

Before I went to University, I was a youth worker for 6 years in the 1980s. I taught numero-literacy, computers, woodwork, metalwork and photography to students who had just been released from children's prison and whose parents wouldn't have them back. It was not classroom teaching, but it was teaching none the less.

I also got a job as a teachers aide, showing teachers how to integrate technology into their classes. I taught the students while the teachers watched.

I then went to university and attained a Science and Mathematics degree, and Post Grad quals for teaching.

To be honest with you, I learned very little at Uni that I didn't already know. I actually think that an apprenticeship format for teaching might actually be better than a university model.

With a little bit of effort and time, most people can get a sheet of paper that says you can teach, but it is the practice that shows if the life and job is right for you and your potential students.

Yes. Anyone can be a teacher.

Can anyone be an effective teacher? NO! Not even all teachers with teaching credentials are effective teachers. That has more to do with a gift, or a bit of voodoo, than with what might or might not be taught in most education programs on the university level.

As good as the education programs are in our colleges and universities, they cannot begin to teach everything a teacher needs to know. Our state has almost consistently had an alternate route to teacher certification for the last four decades. We recognize that someone who is an expert in their field, with a bit of mentorship, can become a good, qualified teacher.

It's not a career that suits everyone. In fact, teaching has a very high turnover rate. Most people can't handle the high stress for the low pay and long hours.

I have often heard people say "I will work until I have enough money to retire comfortably, and then maybe do some teaching." I always just laugh. Anyone who says that is going to quit half way through their first semester.

No every one cannot become teacher.its a passionate job who love to teach with sincerity and who can build the strong foundation of students

Anyone can study and train to be a teacher. You have to accomplish getting a colleg degree with a area of concentration in education. Being a teacher is different than preparing to be a teacher. It is not a job for everyone.

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