Can anyone be skinny?

The simple answer is this: Yes. Anyone can be skinny.

All humans, if naturally deprived of excess foods, while forced into an active lifestyle, would be skinny. Every last one of us.

But it's more complex than that, especially if you are not skinny to begin with. Not everyone can be skinny and healthy.

There are weights and body shapes that are only healthy to fall into when you grow into them (i.e. A skinny child who grows into a lanky teenager). These proportions are unhealthy to aspire to if you're trying to lose weight, because you would not have enough essential nutrients by the time you are that shape.

So it depends on what you define as "skinny". If the proportions are illegal for models in France, then you're probably expecting unrealistic things of yourself. If the proportions are generally healthy, it just comes down to getting the right nutrients in the right amounts.

I agree with the people who also suggested seeing a doctor in your case. You, as a 17 year old, are probably not an expert in nutrition.

I don't think that most 17 year olds should have those proportions. But a doctor knows better than me, and would have the details to understand what you need and don't need. If your doctor says it's okay to lose weight, and gives you better directions, then go for its. If the doctor says you're perfectly healthy and shouldn't lose weight, then listen to the doctor over anyone on the internet.

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Ouch! I'm so sorry to hear that. Before I go any further, I am NOT a health care professional. My advice could be totally 100% wrong. Consult professionals you trust.It doesn't sound like pulled muscles, but Tendentious. I don't know how you exercise, but the fitness culture misinformation

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Fat accumulation is... lemme double check real quick. Yup, entirely genetic based. All you can do is reduce the amount of fat you accumulate. Your diet and exercise regimen will largely dictate that. Fewer calories in, more calories used. Not too much,