Can anyone fall out of love?

In my opinion, no. Absolutely not. Love is perfect. What messes up the whole love experience is that things get in the mix of what was perfect and ruins the quality. Allow me to explain. Love is like the perfect recipe that is good for everyone to have and enjoy. Now let's say someone comes along and says that love is when you get at least 10 kisses, 5 hugs and an hour of sex. Well now love has been modified. So when someone doesn't receive their 10 kisses, 5 hugs and an hour of sex, they would assume their partner doesn't love them! Now, that was just a hypothetical situation. My point is that love should not be tinkered with because then love becomes a misunderstanding. Love doesn't hurt. It's not only good, it's good for you too.

Yes you can fall out of love with someone as you get older you come to realise that people want different thing in life there is no two people on this earth that is going to feel the same way as you and want the same things from life as you so make the most of what you have and live it like it's your last day on earth as one day you will be right !!!!!

In what moments were you not guilty, yet felt like that?

I am sure many such moments are yet to come, no matter how hard we try to avoid them. The things I have  felt terribly  guilty about recently:A nice guy likes me and I like him.He is a reputed flirt. He pings me on facebook

What are the best places to visit in Panama City, Panama?

Of the approximately 400 hotels in Panama City, Panama (ranging from inexpensive hostels to the new Ritz-Carlton, Panama), approximately 150 of these are major hotels in central Panama City in the neighborhoods of Obarrio, San Fracisco, Bella Vista, El Cangrejo, Punta Pacifia and Marbella. These provide excellent rooms, good service, superb restaurants, and proximity to