Can anyone share your inspiring weight loss story so that I get motivated to lose weight?

This is going to be a quite a long one. Do give a read, I bet you ( chuckles) will be inspired by the end of it.

Total Weight Lost : 36.5Kgs

Duration : 10 months

Inches Lost : 11 inches

Ever since I knew, I had been large and flabby.

It all started at the far end of 2017. I was never able to see myself in the mirror. It was always embarrassing. I was, in fact, scared if I could survive for the next 5 or 6 years. I have to admit that I was constantly forced by my father to take care of my health. It was, as usual, in vain because I knew it required a lot of work and so, I made the easier decision and ignored it. Always neglected my body - although I was being mocked at by a lot of people. So I have to say that it was, in fact, late realization.

All the bullying and teasing had become a known territory for me. It had absolutely zero effect to this fat ass! I never got to enjoy the experience of teens and adolescence due to the condition of my body. Honestly, on the inside, I always wanted to put an end to the mockery, but never had enough motivation. I used to have sleepless nights and one fine day I decided to make a change and not postpone it any longer because 'tomorrow never comes'.

With a, what I would call, 5 per cent motivation, I joined the gym.

Once you start something after a long time, you assume that, as soon as you start doing it for a couple of months, you would become a universal hero of some sort. I am quite sure, these thoughts accumulate in everyone's minds. But, not quite.

And it would for anybody, the beginning did ignite passion in me.

This was the fat, but cute me, back in December 2017 during an event at my office.

I weighed 120.6 Kgs with a body fat of around 40 per cent.

For me, life was always to enjoy, and challenging myself was never a question earlier.

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