Can boxing make me more confident and assertive?

Mastery of a physical sport is often prescribed for confidence, assertiveness, and willpower.

Boxing, martial arts, football, and running a marathon are common examples.

Another common recommendation is "join the military."

Some people believe reaching a "normal" weight is empowering, especially if it requires significant effort.

That's what each one of these approaches has in common. They all require a significant commitment to achieve a massive transformation in one area.

Ideally, that one change provides confidence that spreads and becomes a general confidence in other areas.

I've set aggressive goals in a variety of areas. I reached those goals and the magical transformation didn't occur.

But, I'm sure it's worked for some people.

Worst case, you acquire a new skill and get into great physical condition.


Confidence & assertiveness are muscles grown out of you experiencing greater and greater proof that you are able to accomplish something.

Boxing may be a tool to accomplish this, but the most important thing is that you:

1 - believe in yourself and tell yourself all the time (look at any Muhammad Ali video and you'll see this, Connor McGregor is the person in the space doing this today)

2 - you don't need boxing to do this, but if this is your thing, then do this

3 - find goals you can envision and accomplish - as you accomplish them, this muscle (of confidence) will develop and you will begin to believe what you are telling yourself about how *awesome * you are.

And by the way. You are awesome. You are powerful. You are a champion.

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