Can cars be stolen (broken into) easily?

Yes and No. Or maybe that's Yes or No. Confused? I am, so let me start over.

Can cars be stolen easily? Yes. Obtain the keys, or more often each passing year, the key fob/remote, and heck yeah, stealing the car is easy, without having to break into it.

But breaking into a car to steal it has become more difficult as smart keys and recently keyfobs with proximity sensors are increasingly utilized. As an example, it was easy to break into my '65 Mustang, and you didn't have to slice the top, you could just use a pocket knife to pry open the wing window, then a stick to pop open the lock. Hot wiring it was just as easy, though slightly more destructive, but still took less than a minute even in the dark. My '91 Mustang was a little more difficult to break into because it lacked wing windows and pop up locks, but a coat hanger wouid do the trick. Hot wiring it required cutting two wires and splicing four instead of three wires together, but no big deal.

Those are officially antiques though, and while breaking into cars can always be accomplished with a brick, hot wiring a modern car is best left to imaginary characters in poorly written stories or movies. But why stress over it when stealing a key or a key fob is much easier, even if it's not nearly as exciting? It would be irresponsible to outline any of the many methods one could use to gain access to the key for a car someone left at a dealer or service garage, but almost anyone can probably imagine how they might snatch a purse or even break into a home and steal a key while the owner is grilling in the backyard or chasing a loose dog. The point is, if stealing a particular car is the goal, breaking into the car is not a necessity.

Are cars easy to break into?


I just got done writing about how easy it is to break into a car. When I worked at AAA they pretty much taught me how to break into about 80% of the common cars out there.

Some of the other ones were a bit more tricky (That D@mn bolt) But they were doable if you had time and experience.

Easy to steal?

Ugh yes and no. I can steal MOST cars out there. But I have to do A LOT of damage to them or have a lot of time to work. And then there is the keeping the car around so it does not get tracked...UGH pain in the butt.

The days of the screwdriver trick went out the window with the invent of the push start.

Yes, usually using a pry bar to expand the distance between the door and the roof, then, I under a clothes hanger to work the lock switch. Since most cars have electric locks, I can usually beat AAA in opening a car. Some cars without locking steering wheels you can actually pull the wires out from the dash like in movies. 50 years ago all you needed was a jumper from battery positive to coil, and a screwdriver to jump the starter terminals.

Most cars are stolen with wheel lift wreckers, probably takes a minute or less.

I protect my cars by having ones that no one would like to steal.

Fast Eddie fixing and breaking cars for over 50 years

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