Can cats understand the language of dogs and vice versa?

From my obsersvations, nature's creatures do definately understand each other's meanings. You only have to observe the natural world to see this interaction between different species in action. Dogs and cats are no exception.
My dog once said to my cat "woof woof", which the cat correctly knew to mean "I'd like to chase you around the house, come on, have some fun!". The cat, not being in the mood replied "ffffssssssttt", which the dog knew only to well to mean "I'm not in the mood and if you come any closer I'll lacerate your nose... again". The dog understood perfectly and backed off.
Do you consider humans to be polygamous or monogamous by nature?

By nature, evidence suggests human beings are not biologically predisposed to monogamy, that is not to say that people do not make a conscious choice to be monogamous. For some, monogamy is preferable, and it is certainly the status quo, for many people. When you look at the institution of marriage from its

How common is malignant narcissism and what are the signs?

I don't know how common it is but I know the signs very well. My ex was an malignant narcissist. We dated off and on for a year then he moved in. It started with the what I like to call

How can one lose leg fat and calf muscle?

You've got 3 things you can do, listed in order of how easy they are.Stretch your calf muscles. There's a reason yoga practitioners are rarely muscle bound. You're trying to increase the range of motion you have with your foot, which will require longer, flatter calf muscles. Stretch them 2x daily.Lose weight