Can crunches really reduce belly?

I will be putting an end to this question once and for all and explain why you may get different answers from different people.

I will say "Yes" it can, most defiantly, in a 100% controlled environment it would.

Let me explain....

Reducing your belly fat comes from losing fat. You lose fat from taking in less calories then you expend.

There is no such thing as spot fat reduction. I wish I could keep my 20inch arms and lose my gut, but that's not how it works. The body is a whole system.

Back to how crunches could theoretically reduce belly fat

if you took in 2000 calories a day, and if you did the exact some thing down to the smallest detail every day- in which you burned exactly 2000 calories . Then adding crunches would reduce your belly. Crunches would burn extra calories , and would put you in a caloric deficit. Lets say you burned 50 calories each time you did your crunches routine, you would lose 50 calories every day and eventually you would reduce your belly. BUT this is unrealistic, you will not be able to function in such a perfect way. Even the temperature outside will change how many calories you burn just by being alive. You would have to be nearly robotic in every sense of the word and live in a 100% climate controlled environment.

In a real world sense however.....NO.. I repeat... NO...Crunches will not reduce your belly. You must reduce your total body fat in order to reduce your belly. The only way to reduce your body fat is to be in a caloric deficit. You must expend more calories then you consume.

Look at Brain Shaw, The worlds strongest man, that guy can do thousands of crunches, he could probably put 400lbs on his chest and still do a crunch no problem, but this man does not have a flat stomach or anything sort of stomach that would come from someone trying to reduce theirs.

The only people who will tell you that you can spot reduce (just shrink your tummy) are either fools or are trying to sell you something. DO NOT TRUST ANYONE WHO SAYS YOU CAN SPOT REDUCE FAT.

(side not , you can spend hundreds of dollars for particular hormone replacement drugs (steroids) that will help change the way you hold fat, but you still must be in a caloric deficit.

To recap.

In the real world, crunches alone will not reduce your stomach.

  • You can not spot reduce fat
  • You should take offense to anyone who tries to tell you that you can spot reduce fat. They are practically calling you an idiot at that point.

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