Can cumin reduce fat?

Cumin is very low in calories, there are only 16 calories in two full teaspoons of cumin. Read more

It increases the metabolic rate because of its spiciness and also for having a lot of iron in it.

As we all know that iron is vital for a proper metabolism so adding more iron by cumin results in more calorie loss. Simultaneously more calories loss leads to losing more weight.

Studies show that women who intake 3 grams of cumin regularly twice a day for near about 15-30 days see a noticeable change in their body.

Now cumin has the power to boost up metabolism, as it has many vitamins and minerals which acts as a cofactor for proper activation of different metabolic reactions.

Researchers have proved that regular intake of cumin increase metabolism significantly and also improves the overall lipid profile and in this way helps in reducing weight.

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