Can depression cause mental degradation?

Mild to severe case of depression causes poor memory, low motivation and self-esteem, lethargic or tiredness for most of the time,loss of appetite etc etc.

Inability to actively participate or engage in your surroundings will lead to poor cognitive memory which increases forgetfulness.

The overall effect in life will be:

1.Inability to communicate properly.

2.Small and easy tasks will seem time consuming,confusing and it will take forever to complete it.

Hence the performance at workplace and maintaining relationships will degrade too.

YES it causes it and it causes it more and more over the years.
Refer to studies like :
The Effects of Depression on the Brain
Depression and Anxiety Disorders Damage Your Brain, Especially When Untreated
(for example)
Note that depression also affects your body (as controlled by the brain):
Depression: Physical Effects and Complications
The Effects of Depression on the Body
Signs and Symptoms of Depression

Yes, depression can cause "mental degradation". My fellow Quorians have mentioned some of the effects of depression in the physical domain, emotions, work, relationships, etc.

What I need to mention is that people also recover from depression and go on to live well adjusted, productive and satisfying lives. Studies have reported that the best treatment protocols are a mixture of medication management (if warranted) and psychotherapy.

Depression feeds on hopelessness and helplessness and one feels as if the depression will be never ending and intractable. Knowing that people do get better and become "undepressed" can open up a window on hope. There is a way out.

In which way

Well it could if it severe make you always thinking about it so your sad alot off the time

If you mean insanity well it's very tough but it depends on the person mental strength some will get severe depression which counts as slight mental degradation because they are so sad and thinking about it but it's temporary

True degradation is if your break the person mind completely torture or insane isolation may do it but the brain is tough and should stay good

If your depressed know that you can stand in front off the strom and every story has painful and sad moments but it kinda makes you alive you never know sweet unless you know bitter so never give up your fighting yourself and you have one order never give up now stands you ground! And smile

Physical Symptoms of Depression. Depression doesn't just affect the mind; it also affects the body. Some of the physical effects include erratic sleep habits, loss of appetite (or increased appetite with atypical depression), constant fatigue, muscle aches, headaches, and back pain.


Just like anything else, if you don't use it you lose it. All the conditioning in negative thought cycles and lack of new stimulus will definitely cause some shrinkage in the dome department...

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