Can diamond push ups add more mass to triceps than training with weights?

No, of course not.

A pushup is about 65% of your bodyweight being pushed up from the floor.

The diamond push-up is going to be about the same, but with more focus on your triceps.

I weigh this would be the rough equivalent of me doing a 150 pound close-grip bench press

I can close grip bench more than twice this amount of weight relatively easily.

And I would have never arrived at this strength level by only doing pushups. There's simply not enough progressive overload capacity in a push-up to simulate a 300+ pound bench press. So how on earth could one propose to develop more muscle with nothing but pushups than a person engaging in weighted resistance training? It makes no sense. Unless the guy using weights is just not trying at all or there's a huge genetic gap between the two (like Brock lesnar doing pushups against some random 140 pound male)...he's gonna be stronger than the push-up guy.

It's just basic common sense.

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