Can eating cucumber reduce fat?

Yes,Most of the people dont know that Cucumber is actually belongs to the family of fruits although it is used as a vegetable in our house.

As cucumber contains large amount of water percentage, it is highly recommend by the physicians for reducing body fat as well as overcoming the dehydration problem. The abundant presence of fiber and water is very useful in keeping away the kidney problems where as containing of potassium and magnesium in it controls the blood pressure. In spite of such advantages, the excess intake of cucumber may result in repetitive blenching and also its toxic nature makes the skin itchy.

What are the benefit differences between pushups and planks?

Actually very challenging this topic.Both are calisthenic exercises, use own body as a resistance.Push up and Plank both exercise activating core , but targeting different things.Push up doing primarily for Improve strength and endurance of Chest muscle, shoulder and biceps. These muscle groups are part of Outer core muscles.One more

Which girl gives more pleasure- tall, short, fat or skinny?

I go for SHORT AND FAT!!! I am a tall skinny guy. I am physically and sexually attracted to a short fat girl who is way stronger than I am (physically more powerful than I am!!!), especially when I tower way over her while

Have there been an US President, with no affiliation to either politics parties?

All the previous answers are correct.  Washington was not affiliated with any party because they really hadn't formed yet.  But they soon did right soon after his election when Hamilton, Adams, and others started the Federalist party and Jefferson, Madison, and others started the "Republican" party that eventually evolved to the Democratic party of