Can eating healthy be fun?

YES IT CAN! I love fruit and vegetables. Even thought it may seem gross there are many ways to make fruits and vegetables taste good. Sometimes I like to make fruit smoothies. It can be fun to try different blends of fruit. I also like to freeze them and make popsicles. For vegetables I like to make pizza. Get tomato sause, some cheese, if your not a vegetarian/vegan you can put pepperoni and throw on some vegtables like bell peppers, spinach and olives. Sometimes i like to make designs with the toppings.

What are the biggest frustrations about interacting with the police?

Down rite demanding, they seem to talk tto me and allot of times I've seen with other people like they don't even need to ask you for permission to do aanything their just doing it for formality. The sheriff in my

Do people get better through age?

There are people who can grow up to be a mature one, and the rest fit perfectly as immature. It is very depends on who the person is.  Sometimes in life, we can't make a category or giving a mark for some people who just act on their own, it may consider judgmental. But

What is the best motivational thing you have ever seen in your life?

When I was in school, there was a boy in my class who had a personality which always gave an impression that he can't do anything remarkable in life. He was so weird, sounded so dumb and never got any