Can eating too little stall fat loss?

Fat Loss, Muscle Gain
How to drop up to 50 pounds of flab and 9 inches off
your waist in 50 days!
 IT'S safe to say that anyone who has dieted has been frustrated. Almost
universally, when people attempt a diet program, they lose weight
initially and sometimes quickly, only to have the weight come back. And often,
they put on even more pounds after that initial tease of success.
Why does this happen? There's a simple reason, and it cuts to the core of what
makes the Body Fat Breakthrough so different from every other weight-loss
program: During your initial weight reduction on almost any other diet, you lost
both fat and muscle. That's a key distinction, the muscle factor. You lose muscle
while losing fat. Then, when you regain your lost weight-which almost always
happens-you add back only fat because it's much, much easier to gain fat
weight than it is to gain muscle weight. This is one reason why yo-yo dieting is
such a bad idea. When you lose and regain weight repeatedly, you gradually get
fatter and fatter because of the muscle loss that occurs each time you reduce your weight without doing proper exercise.
This is the dirty little secret of most popular diets: You will lose weight
initially but gain back even more, and mostly fat, when you do not combine
eating healthier (and consuming fewer calories) with muscle-maintaining
exercise. Those programs that claim you can lose weight without doing a lick of
exercise are lying to you. Sure, consuming more nutritious, less calorically dense
foods is the key to weight loss, but your leaner body won't last unless you
maintain it with muscle.
Your body has a "use it or lose it" mechanism for muscle. If you are sedentary,
some of your muscle atrophies and is absorbed. Paradoxically, if your body
senses famine (cutting calories), your body will hold on to its fat stores. These
are survival mechanisms, and understanding them will help you see the light
about how to achieve a leaner body for life.
The moral of the story is this: Do not attempt to lose weight without training
your muscles at the same time. Prepare, plan, and persist...and get it right the
first time. This book will show you exactly how to do it.

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