Can eating too much salt cause depression?

Too much salt will usually cause strokes and heart problems and high blood pressure. On the other side too little can cause problems as well.

Most foods contain enough salt to meet the needs of the body, but people, out of habit, use more than they need.

I must admit I use more than I should and I do have a minor heart problem, but I do not worry about it as I am more concerned about using salt as a cleaning/sterilizing agent.

It will not cause depression. It will cause the problems I said above and if you are inclined to worry too much about your risk of stroke or heart problems, then you can get a little down or low mood as they seem to call it now.

What happens if a white person spits a nasty mouthful of saliva onto the sidewalk in China?

From the outside:Why is this person spitting so loudly? If you have to spit (as a foreigner), you know better than to make a scene. But sometimes you get caught, old people stare at you and cute Chinese women glance away

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As a teenager, I worked as a cook in a diner that served the most basic food typical of New England. Our customers were locals: cash-strapped families, the elderly on pensions, harried shoppers who didn't feel like cooking. We closed at 3 pm and reopened for dinner at 6 pm.Friday nights were our busiest time,