Can exercise improve mental health?

I'm not sure if exercise can but this is the speech given by Kate Middleton on improving the mental health of children.

"I often get asked why i decided to spend time highlighting the mental health of children. I imagine my answer might be very similar to many of yours.

I know that i was lucky. My parents and teachers provided me with a wonderful and secure childhood where i always knew i was loved , valued and listened to.

But of course many children aren't so lucky. Since beginning my work in areas like addiction , for example , I have seen time and time again that the roots of poor mental health in adulthood are almost always present in unresolved childhood challenges.

I am sure you will all agree that all children deserve time , attention and love from the adults in their lives. These basic qualities are so much more valuable than the always changing material and social concerns that can seem so important to young people.

As today's theme reminds us , many children - even those from stable , happy homes - are finding that their heads are just too full. It is our duty as parents and as teachers , to give all children the space to build their emotional strength and provide a strong foundation for their future.

Parents , Teachers , and other school staff need the tools to help these young people early in their lives. And the earlier , the better. It is proven that early action prevents problems later in life.

Imagine if everyone was able to help just one child who needs to be listened to , needs to be respected , and needs to be loved -- we could make such a huge difference for an entire generation".

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As Mark says... Rather depends what you want in terms of

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