Can exercising help the skin?

Yes, exercise can be very helpful for the overall health of the skin. When you exercise, you sweat your body out, which helps in flushing the harmful toxins out of body and gives a natural glow to your skin.

Not just this, exercise can help in maintaining the overall health of the body. Also, exercise can help in making the joints and bones stronger, increasing the muscle mass, thus helps in prevention from joints related problems that occur as we grow old.

However, you don't always need to go to gym or a field to run and sweat your body out. You can also perform yoga, to not only promote the health of the skin but also help in prevention from early signs of aging and help you grow old with grace while preventing skin problems.

You can learn more about yoga practices and their benefits here: Anti Aging- Signs, Delaying Naturally (Treatments, Creams)

Why don't other animals feel cold if they do not wear clothes like humans?

Animals feel cold while not wear clothes just like humans. They can just tolerate more intense cold temperatures than we can because the evolved other strategies to keep warm than clothes.The vast majority of mammals for example, wear a coat of fur which protects them from cold temperatures. Their coats

Does exercise expedite the processing of caffeine?

Though there are plenty of studies of the effects of caffeine on metabolism and exercise, there are surprisingly few on the effect of exercise on the metabolism of caffeine. (Come on, Red Bull, cough up some research dollars.) What little has been done may have been prompted by the International Olympic Committee's inclusion of caffeine in its list of

How to keep a team motivated to win? I am the coach of a successful football team, but over the time the players get satisfied and do not give their best in every game. How can I improve their long-term motivation to keep winning

Rotations!If there is one universal truth in football is that everyone wants glory, however, to achieve this one has to win and win and win... However, as humans we grow tired of it. Fortunately, in association football teams are made up of many players and as there is a starting lineup there is always