Can fasting aid healthy weight loss?

A fast that lasts longer than 2 days makes it difficult to maintain one important aspect of the basics of healthy living: exercise.

Sure when you're fasting you are eating less food than you otherwise would, but then you still need to exercise to keep your body burning fat all day long. A very low calorie fast will make you feel lethargic which can make it nearly impossible to energize yourself for a fat burning workout.

Rather than a long term fast, consider intermittent fasting for weight loss. as it allows you to take up to 36 hours off, which isn't long enough to tire you out while also returning to food quickly enough that you don't encounter any serious health problems.

When it comes to fasting for weight loss, most people decide based on what exactly the ingredients are for any given fast. A juice or smoothie fast are probably the healthiest methods of fasting for weight loss because you're getting enough fruits and vegetables in your diet as well plenty of nutrients. A juice fast will give you essential vitamins and nutrients like fiber and water that can help boost fat loss, without making you feel sluggish.

One of the reasons fasting gets such a bad reputation is because it really does nothing to address the bad habits that lead to weight gain in the first place. A healthy diet and regular exercise generally helps most of us address those bad habits a bad diet or a sedentary lifestyle so we can correct them and lose weight.

Fasting however does nothing to help you with those habits, because many long term fasts promise that you can go back to eating "whatever you want" when the fast is over. This is one of the reasons intermittent fasting for weight loss has become the go-to method of fasting, because you don't spend days on end dreaming about a giant bag of chips or a brownie.

The key to fasting is returning to food in a smart way that won't undo the progress you made during your fast. When you return to a diet of whole foods then you need to make sure you don't attempt to make up for the calories you didn't consume during the fast.

During the days when you aren't fasting for weight loss, you should be eating for weight loss, which means a well balanced diet that has fruits and vegetables, lean proteins and whole grains. Don't 'reward' yourself with foods filled with fat and sugar and salt, or else your fast will have just been a few days without food for nothing.

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