Can ghosts read people's minds?

I had the most impressive experience along the lines of this subject. It taught me how your loved ones in heaven protect you (to some degree).

My wife can see ghosts/spirits and she told me that my deceased grandparents warned me that I was going to swing (with my fists) wildly against someone in the near future. Since nothing else was given, I had no clue to what it meant. Soon after I was caught up in a fight that ended, at the time, with a police record for me (it was eventually purged, since I never had any run ins in my life before).

I think that the deceased can see somewhat like a long road in front of them of what's going to happen to you in your future. And they can only warn you if it is a critical time in your life

The same thing happened to my wife who was visited by the vision of my mother staring at her. Shortly thereafter my wife had 2 bad health situations (one was a heart attack).

Non-corporal entities can read minds no better and no worse that corporal beings can. As an aside, I can't help but wonder why people assume that, as soon as you die, you gain all kinds of amazing abilities, and then spend your time doing nothing but hanging around trying to scare people.
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The Christian answer for 1 Case would be the death of the human race following Noah's completion of the Arc, loading pairs of all animal into the Arc, & sailing away 4 40 days & nights while the Earth was being flooded.A