Can home recording artists make a living from home on the internet?

Home recording artists making a living from the internet isn't impossible, but a difficult task. The person would have to imitate a professional studio in their own home. Collaborating with other artists will be difficult as well due to only working from home. Marketing might be difficult if staying at home most of the time is the plan. The artist will have to take full advantage of social media and the connections that were made prior to their career.

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How did the French Revolution change the French language?

On the eve of the Revolution, France was still the most populous country in Europe (26 million inhabitants) and one of the richest. But revolt was brewing. Peasants made up 80% of the population and paid the lion's share of royal taxes-plus tithes to the Church and seigniorial dues-while earning the lowest

What's the best bakery you've ever visited?

This is a simple question with a complex answer. Not all bakeries are the same, and many bakeries do one thing great and are terrible at another. Case in point - there's a bakery here in town that makes oustanding breads of all types. But whoever's in charge of the cookies bakes the living shit out of them

As an adult, do you still feel like you don't 'fit' in?

O most definitely, yes. I am a 27(will be 28 next month) stay at home mom. Most people my age have a house, a nice car, a career and go do a lot of stuff. I get judged because we all live in an apartment still,