Can i lose weight??

Please remember, loosing weight is of course important but maintaining weight is more important.
By mere exercise or dieting, you do loose weight, but you don't know whether that is fat you are loosing or muscles or any nutrient level. You need proper diet to keep the correct weight.
There are the basic diet chart for weight loss, in your regular food, you should include 40% carbs + 30% protein + 30% fat and 15g fibers + 5-6 lt of water. and your breakfast should contain fiber, protein, carbs, unsaturated fat, minerals. and you should not eat anything after 7.30pm. It is difficult to calculate all these.
but if you are determined, you can try it for a month and make it a habit.

or instead you can use my secret for weight loss , go for meal replacement with proper diet chart.
and will recommend you to use HERBALIFE meal replacement which I am using now . I am on weight loss program and my energy level is always UP (unlike dieting, when we feel hungry all the time and dizzy) , I feel amazing. It helped me to loose weight 3.7 kg in 1 month and I am continuing for this 2nd month. my body is getting shaped up. unlike when you gym for weight loss, you get those saggy belly fats. I was given a money back warranty for 10 kg fat loss in 90 days. Trust me its working amazing. I have tried everything before,
1. gym
2. lemon water with honey
3. onion + ginger
4. oat meals
5. fasting
nothing really worked for me, rather I started feeling more hungry and ate more and put on more weight.

If you are serious , You can whtsapp at 9438590304, these personal wellness coaches will guide you for effective FAT loss and muscle gain and keeping up your energy level.

Is it better for me to use free weight while working out as opposed to using weight machines?

It depends.While free weights offer more instability in more planes of motion, that doesn't mean they can do everything you want them to do.For example some of the pulldown machines are designed to move along a path that mimics the path

What should I eat before morning cardio workout if I want to loss weight?

Weight loss is very complicated thing. See the calorie calculations given below.And take your own decision.Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) represents the calories that are needed to run the vital organs and vital processes of the body. RMR is a 1 to 1.5 calories per minute.Easy Walking (4 kmph) consumes 5 calories a minute for average

If I want to learn to play piano without a teacher, how can I learn to read music, learn where the keys are, and anything else I should know?

This might be a very complex answer so activate your brain (no offense).My personal experiance with playing the piano is harsh at first and even harsher now (because I make it like that). I moved from beyer petersen edition to Chopins nocturnes