Can men wear panties?

I am a straight man, married for over 10 years, and had girl friends before marriage. I have been wearing women panties for over six years now. I have stopped buying men's underwear since then.

Like most other people, I also thought of a man wearing women's panty as queer, but it changed suddenly, when my wife went on a long vacation to her parent's home. While packing her bags, I asked her to take the 2 new packets of Jockey Bikini Panties (2 each). She took one packet and left the other genuinely saying "You wear them." I replied with a groan "You think they will fit me! And you want me to wear pink and peach?" She smiled and said she'd use them once back.

Couple of days later I opened the packet and tried both the panties - the peach one first. They were soft, combed cotton with designed elastic. To my amazement, it fitted, covered and hold me so well, and the touch was so comfortable, I fell for it! I called my wife and told that my perception was wrong. So she asked me to wear them and buy some more if I needed. Just after couple of weeks, an online lingerie store was offering Independence Day discounts. I bought a nice collection of panties.

That was six years back. Today I have a collection of over 3 dozens of colourful and printed women panties - hipster, bikini, low waist bikini and boy shorts. I wear them without embarrassment or guilt.

My experience is, once you wear women panties, no man will ever want to wear those boring men's underwear.

The primary reasons are:

  1. Comfort - material is far more comfortable
  2. Design - their design look sexier than men's
  3. Colours - from pink to peach to parrot green to coffee to yellow. Every possible colour.
  4. Variety - bikini, hipster, G-string to boyshort (although I haven't used yet)
  5. Touch and feel - Amazing. It embraces you like your girl friend - deeply in love with you
  6. Excitement - Every time I wear them, I get a positive energy in my body and mind
  7. Adventure - I design my pubes according to the design of the panties. When I am wearing the low-waist bikini, I ensure my pubes are shaped in a small triangle.
  8. Feminine aspect - It definitely shows one's interest in the feminine aspects of life. It virtually gives a man one aspect of women's experience.
  9. Less expensive - At least in India, the Jockey women panties are priced at least 25% lower than men's underwear.
  10. Sexually stimulating.

So, if you are bachelor, you can try panties anytime. And you won't regret ever. If you are married or have a girl friend, you must try with the consent of your partner. The effort is worth every penny!

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