Can most people look attractive by losing weight?

So get this realisation: looking physically fit and being attractive are two different things. Looks don't equal attraction.

Obviously obesity and lack of hygiene will make life difficult for everyone, but generally:

For women, these two components, physical beauty and attractiveness, may overlap as physical beauty often equals attraction for men. Its an easier gig for women.

But not so for men as physical beauty does not equate to being attractive. A man can hit the gym and look like a Greek God but still not be attractive because physical looks is only an add-on, a possible gate opening, but not what attracts. Its the sole reason why dic pics, ab pics, all those other "flaunting pics" push women away rather than bring them in. Physical appeal means little without background to the guy and his personality. Some scrawny dude like Bieber or Tom Cruise would get far more hot women than that ripped "Greek god" you see at your gym. In fact, somebody like Danny Devito has far more chance with hot babes than your average gym goers. Simple because women are far more attracted to social status than anything else (proven scientific fact). I mean...Hugh Hefner *drops mic*

I would always recommend gym because the more better you physically look, the better your chances and options. But for men generally, its useless in terms of attraction without getting your mind and confidence right (which gym helps with too). If I could, I wish I could reverse time and focus on making money than the weights because that will give you far more options to women than having a great bod.

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