Can nuclear weapons be used against aliens?

I am still waiting for NASA and the US government to "fess-up" over their knowledge of interactions between alien civilizations and the world's militaries since at least WWII, i.e. foo fighters over Germany, to the incapacitation of an entire wing of the US Air Force's Minuteman silo-based missiles by a UFO that generated a light beam onto silo sites in the western US, re: "UFOs Cause the Shutdown of ICBMs at Malmstrom AFB in March 1967..based on contents of a telephone interview with Col Walter Figel (USAF Ret). Figel basically tells Hastings that during the morning of 16 March 1967 all ten missile did drop off alert with VRSA ch 9 No-Go reports. At least two of the LFs had maintenance teams on site. Two LFs were on diesel generators as backup power sources. When asked what was causing the faults, the maintenance team member stated, "Must be a UFO hovering over the site." Figel thought that the individual was joking. A subsequent call from a security guard stated that he could see an object over the LF. Figel thought that the man seemed serious but not panicked."

Over the past three decades, both Soviet, and then Russian, American and military forces all over the world have filed reports of interactions with UFOs which disabled their electronics and avionics, using some kind of beam of light (Electromagnetic disruptor force)-this applies to car and truck batteries, airplanes and missiles both in their silo's supposedly protected against EMP interference, and in flight. If all true, and the weight of evidence and massive files being released by Russia, France, Belgium, the UK, South American militaries and airline pilots all over the world certainly seem to indicate a coverup has been going on for a long time-then any alien technology which enables them to travel intergalactically or interdimensionally is vastly superior to our primitive weapons. Therefore, I don't believe our current nuclear weapons would even be capable of being launched, and if so, would be disabled before they could detonate. The only examples of UFOs being brought down by the US military, all point to the use of high intensity, beamed radar that somehow interfered with their navigation and, or propulsion systems. Radar emits a form of electromagnetic energy; UFOs are thought to use EM energy for their propulsion systems at least operating within our atmosphere. So if any of this is true, then I doubt any of our weapons would be effective against them.

The real question we should be asking however, is with their highly advanced technology, if they were hostile, then why haven't they invaded and taken over Earth already? The fact no hostile actions ever seem to be attached to their behavior, indeed, they seek to defend themselves by using non-lethal beams of light energy, or by exiting at astronomical speeds with acceleration G-force factors that would kill a human, seems to indicate their motives are either benevolent or a matter of scientific curiosity. Maybe we should be looking at our own warlike tendencies rather than attributing our deficiencies as a species to other life forms which seem to be peaceful.

Any extraterrestrial civilization that is able to bring an invasion fleet to Earth would certainly have had centuries of experience with their own nuclear weapons and, more than likely, would already have had experience invading other awakening civilizations with the technology. While they may not have the means to withstand the direct blast of a nuclear warhead, they certainly would know how to detect and defeat our delivery systems. In all likelihood, they would have already spent decades or centuries infiltrating us and won before we even knew we were being invaded, or they would attack from comfortably well above the planet without having even been detected.

Yes why not indeed.

Problem that with every nuclear attack you want to ask yourself; will there be a retaliation, and what will that be? If I drop this one nuke on their big space ship, might there be other ships that have nukes on board and can and will they use it against us? How many nukes do they have???

And who knows, they might survive the attack straight out if the ship is big enough for instance. Or their ship might be nuclear powered and produce some extra really nasty fallout and radiation. Or come to think of it, aliens that can actually travel light years to get here probably have technology that could really hurt us.

Pretty dangerous stuff those nukes. Everyone would be better of without them.

Though it would be pretty cool to see a Star Destroyer being blown up by a small nuke (reason I say a small nuke is because the fireball of a 15Megaton device would be 4 times bigger than a Star Destroyer and swallow it in less than a second, making it not much of a challenge)

Supposedly some extraterrestrials disabled a timing mechanism that controls a portion of the fire system for our nukes. We could design some that would not be subject to that tampering, and thus use them, if needed. The bigger question is why are they that interested in our nukes. If they are so powerful and technologically superior to us, why not simply fire their weapons from say Mars, and sit back and watch us fry? Unless their real fear is not the damage we would do to them, but to our own planet Earth, and the potential "plunder" that they might gain if they took us over. Perhaps this idea of burning our planet to cinders is our best defense, in the event we meet up with hostile aliens. I'm trying to encourage contact with the friendlies.

God people are undereducated obviously a detonation of 15,000,000 C would oblitorate anything in the know universe material wise, there's no know thing other than a black hole or possibly a neutron star capible of taking such a hit without some effect. Now i'm pretty sure an alien aircraft isn't going to be the size of a planet? Doesn't matter how advanced anyones technology is (basic science still apllies like elements, minerals, water, wind, air, matter, metls etc)

If a nuclear bomb of its strongest effect directly hit any ship it's toast. Being hit by a nuke would be the equivilent to a spacehsip flying through the actual Sun or maybe a slightly hotter star with no ill effect? I hardly doubt this at all.

Forget the stupid over hyper hollywood movies. The war of the worlds made sense. Evolution on any given world takes billions and billons upon billions of years so the chances of them even surviving our climate, speices, bacterias, viruses, diseases, gravitational pull, atmosphere, air pressure, weather the list goes on and on and on is HIGHLY EXCEPTTIONALLY UN LIKELY!!!!

The same would apply to use if we tried just gatecrashing a planet with an advanced or technological aspect (not happening)

Their only option would be to terriform the entire planet quite literally as in adapting to an ecosystem and world they've never adjusted too, even been too, in a solar system with a totally different star our sun and do you know how long that'd take even for a reasonably advanced type 2 civilisation? A very long bloody time is how long. Not happening end of. Yes we'd win by defualt just like we'd lsoe if we invaded another. There's rules in physics, chemistry, science no species can break and that's just how it is.

If the invading aliens have the technology to master interstellar travel I highly doubt that 1940s technology like nuclear weapons will pose any threat to them. The aliens would no doubt have researched humanity and it's capabilities through probes etc and if nuclear weapons did pose a dire threat to them then they would not come here in the first place afterall there are billions of stars and likely planets throughout the galaxy for them to visit or invade

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