Can one live happily being single for their whole life?


You don't need another person or sex to make you happy.

  • Many people throughout history have lived the life of single celibates, and they have had incredibly joyful and fulfilling lives. As far as sex goes, you can actually be far happier without having sex or any other form of intimacy. It's a myth that you need it to survive or be happy. Why? Well first of all, imagine being in a state of mind when you are never happy because you're always longing after something. Every second your mind is agitated because it's thinking of getting something that it currently doesn't have, and the fact that you don't have it is driving you insane. This is what life is like when you're so preoccupied about having sex. Of course this also goes with other material things as well, but it's especially true for sex. You just keep craving and craving after it the whole day, and what's worse, throughout all the time you're thinking about it, you're not happy at all. In fact you're miserable because you keep feeling the frustration of wanting something that you can't have. When you do get it, what happens? Do you feel satisfied? No. You get some momentary enjoyment that doesn't last nearly as long as the time you spent thinking about the act, and then you start craving it right after again.
  • But then you might ask, well how can I be happy then? My answer is, there's something even better than sex or whatever joy you would find in a relationship. You might be thinking, how is it possible that there's something better than sex or the joys of a relationship? Well, there's a reason celibacy and spirituality go hand in hand. When you live a spiritual life, you begin to reconnect with our original source (known as the Divine, God, Allah, Jehovah, Krishna, etc.). This source goes by many names but it is one. In reestablishing that relationship, you start to feel an intense feeling of ever-increasing bliss that makes sex seem totally insignificant and unsatisfying. Imagine being in a state of mind where you are totally happy all the time, and nothing can take you out of that because you're getting your happiness from inside rather than anything external (money, drugs, sex, etc.). This is what spiritual happiness is like. It's incredibly satisfying and will make you far happier than making yourself frustrated thinking about sex the whole day only to get a little bit of pleasure at the end of it.
  • Plus, you gain an incredible sense of freedom from living a single life. You don't have to worry about being accountable to another person. You're free to live that life that you want. While a relationship is beneficial in that it provides you with companionship, you can also get this same companionship by having close friends.

There are many factors that influence happiness to a greater extent than getting married. Here are a few that might be helpful.

It will depend on the person, if he or she is independent(not only financially) ; it is easy to lead a single life. If you have good friends around and the bond between you and your family is strong, I really believe being single will not be a problem at all.

But if you're easily effected by emotions, and if you're a person that is not able to take care of your self ; will have to think. Sometime being with someone will help you in many ways. Caring,love and affection will keep you alive !!! But if you think that you're not with the right person and you're sick of your current relationship; I would suggest it is better to be single !!!

I know a person who is happily single; he's a twin, so it's easy, but he may decide to be alone when his brother passes away.

You don't necessarily need to get your needs met by a wife (except sexual), you can rely on siblings or cousins if you wish and can.

(An asexual wouldn't even need the sex.)

A good book on being single is Singled out: how singles are stereotyped, stigmatized, & ignored, and still live happily ever after/by DePaulo, Bella M.

My friend, Lucy, was the first woman to work the ground crew for the Goodyear Blimp. She was a published author, under a pseudonym, artist and entrepreneur. For her mother's 90th birthday, they walked on the Great Wall of China and were treated as celebrities by the public.

Lucy never married any of her 3 partners or had children. By choice. She wanted the freedom to go where she wanted, the chance to explore many careers and the money to travel. She was very happy with her choices.

My friend died not long ago from ovarian cancer. She fought hard, but couldn't overcome. Not once as she went through bouts of chemo, surgeries and pain did she express regret. She had a full life, lots of friends and family all over the world and her memories. It was a happy life until the end.

Yes! If one makes a choice to find and see happiness in their life. It may not be easy as we tend to compare ourselves with others which causes a lot of pain and anguish. Not everybody is meant to have a partner in this life. We each have a reason, life's purpose why we are hear. So learning to love yourself for who you are and doing things that you love to do will bring your happiness. Serving other people around you brings a lot of meaning. There are excellent books that can help you to open your eyes and mind to finding the way to live happy on your own. Best wishes!

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