Can one start running after 30?

Of course, you can run but follow these instructions:
1. Reduce smoking to two per day- 1 morning & 1 evening.
2. Start with the distance which you can run easily.
4. Run this distance for at least one month, then increase distance to 10% each month.
5. Take protein rich food daily equal to your body weight in grams eg. if your weight is 50 kg, take 50 g of protein everyday.
6. Take proper rest.
7. Eat small meals every 4 hours.
8. Try Meditation at least 10 minutes daily.
9. Don't think too much.
10. Be happy.
Do you prefer texting, phoning or talking (face-to-face) and why is that?

Hello! It'd depend on the situation at hand (in the business world).In the below scenarios, you'll have to consider the latter.Phone calls are usually done when you aren't able to reach a particular place. This would include...Interviews. This would be your

Why the girls are not supposed to take their marriage decision in state like Uttar Pradesh? Why parents force girl to get married when she is 21.she has list of dreams to complete why couldn't they understand?

Because, I feel, the areas like UP are not safe for women.. I have heard a lot about gundaraaj and all.... So they might have a fear what if one of the gundas ask for their daughter to marry him etc.. All the more it totally depends upon people's mentality and if a girl wish to pursue her dreams

Is body fat stored fat calories, or stored sugar calories?

That depends from your metabolism, hormonal balance and insulin sensitivity.If you are an obese dude the chances are you have a low insulin sensitivity.Firstly you need to keep in mind a person that consumes carbs on daily basis holds water retention which is water weight, a