Can one work hard and be a successful physics major without a strong aptitude for it?

The important thing to understand is that working as a physicist is different than excelling at physics courses. Although research frequently requires some of the skills taught in the classes, there is not the certainty of a closed form solution, knowing if your solution is correct in your lifetime, or the existence of a solution at all (in the way you are currently framing the problem). If you can, find a couple physicists to shadow and see if you like what they do. If you do, you will find a way to make it through the classes. If you don't, even if you succeed at the classes, you may be disappointed with the results, albeit with some better than average math skills and understanding of the underlying principles that govern the physical world.
Did God create gays and lesbians?

Assuming you subscribe to any of the Abrahamic religions, God is the creator of everything, in so much as nothing would exist without God. Depending on your personal world view, you may take that to mean that God directly creates all things,

Is divorce rate in India increasing? Is it any less in case of arranged marriages?

Certainly divorces are on the rise. Marriages on the other hand have become utterly materialistic. New found freedom of young Indians is going out of bounds. Elite youngsters who migrated to other countries have set up a competition for others