Can people feel the presence of an enlightened human being?

I can share a particular experience: I did meet a realized being. In 1980 I went to Munich to meet a Master named Babuji. His unique method involved what is called yogic transmission. He could transmit this beautiful essence, which just absorbed you into it and left you in a state of oneness and bliss.

We had arrived in Munich a few days before Babuji did. On the day he arrived our small group of eight Americans that traveled together began to walk the couple of miles to the house where he was staying. As we got closer we all felt a dramatic shift. You just felt lighter and lighter. We were all saying to each other, "Do you feel that?"

When I got into the room where everyone had gathered to meet him, it was hard to explain but I could not think. Nothing. Not one thought came to my mind. He didn't even say anything, he just radiated a divinity that I had never felt before. His eyes too, were striking. They were like mirrors of light and benevolence. The whole time he spoke little. We had a couple of meditations each day. Sublime.

In the five days that I spent there in his presence I never had a thought. This was really odd because I had so many questions before I arrived that I wanted to ask him. Could not think of one.

The entire time there we felt like we were bathing in another state of consciousness.

On the last day when I left all I could say was "Thank you."

The presence of an Enlightened Being (Gnani) is unmistakable: it can be felt and experienced by all that encounter him. A Gnani's uniqueness, purity and humility stands apart from all others. Everyone, from children to adults, are magnetically drawn towards Him.

For all those who are fortunate enough to be able to meet such an Enlightened Being, they would have been privileged enough to have experienced the divine vision of His energy flow naturally through them. The Gnani's vision is constantly focused on the Pure Soul within all the living beings that He encounters. He sees all living beings as faultless, as they never see faults in anyone. Nothing can ever waver this pure and absolute vision.

The Gnani's speech flows without attachments or expectation. It is egoless and absolute. A Gnani respects and accepts all viewpoints thus His speech flows without causing hurt or offence. For all those who have questions in relation to spiritual science or the attainment of the Soul, His words would reach straight to their heart and the Soul, directing them to the right path at the most vital time. The spiritual ability of His words is beyond one's imagination.

In the eyes of the Gnani, there flows an endless stream of love. Forever within Him remains the spirit and intent to comfort and save: to liberate all the creatures of the world, who are suffering from agonies and sorrows of the world.

An enlightened being can be recognized through His outstanding attributes.

  • He represents infinite energy and strength of the Soul. This power and strength is visible in His eyes. By a mere glance into their eyes, one can experience the divine energy flow within them. During such circumstances, one can ask for whatever strength, they require in relation to spiritual development or for the Soul. This will be granted, through His divine vision.
  • He has unconditional love, the kind which does not rise or fall under any types of circumstances. And He is full of immeasurable compassion. In His presence, people feel a sense of outstanding composure and calmness. Due to such exceptional qualities, people are very reluctant to leave His side. For example, a person may come to him engulfed with rage and anger, but from a mere glance from His eyes, the individual will feel calm and at ease. A Gnani is the only Being who has both virtues, which exist simultaneously – unconditional love and compassion.
  • The Gnani has both unique qualities of peace and tranquillity continuously. He will respectfully accept anything offered to Him, be it words, actions or deeds. In return, He will bless them. A Gnani can never be hurt or offended. He understands and knows only the attributes of the Soul within Him and in others. Their only wish is for the salvation of the world: this goal of theirs is in every fibre of Their Being.
  • A Gnani's composure and determination is unparalleled. There are no external circumstances or events which can shake His inner calm or poise. A Gnani has no trace of ego within Him. He is natural and spontaneous in His reflexes and daily routine activities. For example, if someone was to ask Him to stand up and sit down continuously. His inner and outer composure would not alter at all. And He would oblige with serenity and without a complaint. This level of composure has nothing to do with physical strength or flexibility. His physical being is quite normal and natural but His omniscient inner poise is unparalleled. No events or circumstances would upset or affect even a single atom of His inner harmony; He has real determination.

For all those who have not been fortunate to be able to meet an enlightened being or missed out on the opportunity of acquiring the knowledge of the Self, Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan was not so long ago a living Gnani in this present era. His teachings are known as Akram Vignan – a Spiritual Science. This science exposes you to your Real Self (your Soul). By attaining the Soul, you too can begin to experience a life full of internal bliss despite adverse situations in your worldly life.

Today, Pujya Deepakbhai, gifted with the spiritual ability to bestow the gift of Self Realization onto others by Pujya Dada Bhagwan, travels across the world spreading the spiritual science of Akram Vignan.

Yes, once I felt the strong positive vibes of an enlightened human being.

There is a hidden community of yogis in himalayan region of India (uttarakhand) and they do not easily allow outsiders.

I had heard about an unknown realised guru but I came to know that he does not meet people nowadays.

No one knows his real name but some people call him Paroksh yogiji or simply baba ji etc.

I went there for a meditation camp after successfully clearing some tests and met a young person probably below 35 years of age.

I am assuming that he might not be yogiji himself because of his young age and urban attire (probably he was his disciple but I might be wrong).

When he looked in my eyes, I felt an immense feeling of relaxation and he smiled as if he can read my mind.

In his presence when I meditated, I could easily witness my thoughts from a distance without being carried away and for the first time I experienced what real meditativeness means.

Everyone was supposed to remain silent for the 3 days program, but by mistake I uttered a word and I was politely asked to leave.

Hence, I couldn't clear the first program, but I am still trying to get another opportunity.

There are 7 different programs based on 7 chakras of kundalini.

We were in total 21 people and we all promised our spiritual teacher that we will not share specific details of this program or location, hence I cannot share more details.

It is believed that such hidden yogic communities only want serious seekers to get the access of this ancient yogic techniques, hence non serious people cannot find them.

They have the power to attract the deserving candidates and unexpected situations are created when they want us to reach there.

Thank you

I'll be happy to answer this request - yes, they can, but generally no. Why? Enlightenment burns clean - leaving only the most ordinary person imaginable.

As the question is on the perception of an "enlightened person", it might be helpful to note that the personality is what a great deal of humanity places their attention on when they feel any person. So it is useful to first point out this doesn't mean the perceived "enlightened person" won't have personality which can be wildly different - for example compare Sri Ramana Maharshi (a calm soul who tried a few times to return to his life of quiet solitude in a cave) to Nisargadatta Maharaj (a fiery soul who taught nightly over his cigarette shop amidst the noise of the city.)

All have a deep sense of acceptance of reality just as it is. Some have the uncanny ability sense/listen to others (in a sense climb into the mind of the person before them to see what their mind is seeing) it super empathy or para citta ādi abhijñatā. That said enlightenment (in the stillness) can sense clearly what most have missed as insignificant. Given time with enlightenment experienced through (let's say) a soul or consciousness, you can recognize it in (what we commonly take to be) others and just as in (what we commonly take to be) you.

Depending on how they hold this and their personality, it appears it can have the effect of being

  1. Sri Ramakrishna

A2A. Certainly an enlightened person can shake your hand. Will you pick them out on a train or when saying hello? Not really. Generally an enlightened person isn't going to be doing much which looks any different from normal wisdom and only when the situation warrants. Enlightenment is a sharp sword. The skillful and seasoned would be tapping with the broad side of the blade. Nobody likes blood.

The presence of a vital person vitalizes. Mostly what one might notice is an extra boost of authenticity, lightness, nonjudgment and broader perspective. Being is more comfortable in its skin. One might notice subtle teaching, like story telling or suggestions, probably just because the seeker learned more psychology. However, many people already display those traits without being enlightened. Just like intelligence, overlap between groups is greater than average differences.

Enlightened people can still be apparently angry, critical or mean, but this will be based on behaviour, not judging another(?) to be bad(?). Sometimes those behaviors don't feel like much to the afflictor either, not having a weight of an offended person behind them. The enlightened can still suffer from moods and stresses that affect demeanor as much as anyone else. Family members probably wouldn't notice much, especially since entrenched reactivities are hard to clear. In general, if someone were to make claims about awakening, people would scoff.

Watch out for the new hatchlings though. Like puppies, they sometimes haven't learned how to control their bite.

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