Can people stop hating someone for once?

You are beginning to set the alarm against the trend to hate people whom you don't like for simple reasons and magnify those petty deifferences into cultural differences and racial hatreds. The gun powder of hatred is bei ng spilled a little at a time, but in a sequential line, so that when they want ,they can trigger a minor fire and make it a conflaggeration. If the wise leaders of the Society do not wake up in time and arrest this stupidity, we may have to pay a heavy price for the blunder. Unfortunately, even the saner elements are being cajoled into toeing the hardline haters' views.

Yes, People can, and do stop hating, when provided with the right leadership.

Why is divorce so expensive for the husband?

I believe that divorce should be more expensive for the spouse that broke the vows.The faithful spouse was entitled to respect and fair treatment and did not receive that.All too often, although not always, the spouse wanting to break the marriage is the husband.Often (not always), it

Is using hand weights (2lbs each hand) help you build muscles?

That depends on how you use the hand weights. I used to run with hand weights, until I got carpel tunnel syndrome in my wrists. Almost any physical exercise will help. There are plenty of exercise programs available on the web. Mix it up, be consistent, eat right.Your Body Type, Your WorkoutThe Transformation Workout Plan

What can you do to lose 40 pounds in 2 weeks?

I once was on a one month fast, drinking only water or vegetable broth, eating nothing at all. I kept the same lifestyle - alternating between sitting at my desk, doing chores like cooking, shopping, laundry folding, driving, etc, no