Can psychopaths become pro-social Psychopaths?

I have always felt the term pro-social psychopath was an oxymoron born out of the need to normalize the condition by authors who cannot handle the cold-hard truth, and by scientists obsessed with the results of brain-scan studies. I have adhd and am quite sure (although not positive of course) that if you scanned my brain activity clean from all stimulants it would look like a psychopaths. I can sense my thinking and brain activity remains way in the back of my head near my brain-stem and with medication activity it moved up to the pre-frontal cortex. I go from thinking from my neck to thinking from between my eyes. Now, while I am certified borderline with issues regarding mania, rage, sense-of-self and disorganized attachment, I can assure you I am only as close to a psychopath in terms of acting out like a maniac for a few minutes here and there, but its ego-dystonic. I'm prosocial, empathic, compassionate and my super-ego is for better or worse fully intact. James Fallon should redo his study but instead of putting his own scan in to compare, let him try comparing psychopathic brains against 1000 non-psychopathic because I'm quite sure he'd find a hell of a lot of people with the signature brain scan of a psychopath who are not psychopaths at all, but who his theory would label ‘pro-social psychopaths'. Its like saying there exists something called an ‘emotionally stable borderline', a ‘modest histrionic' or an ‘obese anorexic'. This topic has me thinking, are there people with Tourette's who's ticks are polite and friendly yelling such things such as "I love you!" "Be my friend" or "God is love!"...? I think I just might ask that questions. I love this site. If I ever have a daughter I'm naming her Quora.

Do sauna work out clothes really work for weight loss?

No!Oh dear god no!Sauna clothes are good for only one thing, and that's maximizing the effects of a sauna on cutting water weight. This is not the same thing as weight loss.Weight loss is an incremental change in diet that drives decrease in total body weight through the loss of a combination of fat, muscle and water

What motivates you to workout when you just don't feel like it?

I will compare my days with workout and without workoutDay with a workout :-1 Feeling energetic whole day2 Remain Active till night3 Brain works more in tricky situations4 Body parts remain active ready for anythingDay without a workout :-1 Less energy compared to day with workout2 Body parts sometimes remains stiff because of

Is skiing more difficult than snowboarding?

I'm sure you'll get both answers here. And ultimately different people probably just take to one sport more than the other. But here is my impression, as a generality. Day one of trying either sport, people will find skiing easier. Without knowing at all what you're