Can pull ups make you stronger?

definitely yes,pull ups are on of those exercise which is a basic movement but does help you build up strength when you modify it(a complex variation) can find different kind of pull ups online so easily.depending on the variation,concentrated muscle group you build up the strength you require.core and bodyweight exercises can be basic but turns out to be complex when you update the variation/form .yeah getting to the conclusion pull ups always help .

Does running worth making you fit?

Why do you need to run?If you want to get into a job that requires you to run all the time then you must get into running.You should work out to make you fit for whatever you love doing.Than you need to watch

Is Shri Rahul Gandhi underrated?

I admire Rahul Gandhi and I believe he is underrated as a living being( definitely not as a politician). Just read and tell me where I went wrong.Q: Why we hate him?A: We hate the lucky ones​, if we are not the one. How such a dumbass

What is it like to hack into someone's Facebook account?

Hacking facebook accounts is often misunderstood, because the reality is that people often forget to logout and friends/randoms "steal" their Facebook account. I assume we are not talking about these people, since i do not consider them "hackers" more than kids.I once noticed a major flaw in Facebook and checked it out.