Can religion and science come together?

Science already affects everyone on the planet. Well nearly everyone. Everything that you use around you is made and/or works because of science, more or less.

There is a major concern with religion and religious people making scientific mandates. Those mandates can become dogma and that's bad. Some overzealous religious people might resort to bad behaviour to "cleanse" those sins from the world. If carbon emissions is declared a sin then someone might go start bombing factories, cars, airplanes, etc... a good example of this is bombings/burning of abortion clinics.

Religion should not, and cannot, make scientific claims mostly because it has bad scientific understanding to begin with.

There is nothing in any religion about carbon emissions because they were written a very long time ago before people even knew what CO2 or even oxygen was. CO2 wasn't discovered until 1754 by a Scottish chemist named Joseph Black. It was in 1896 that a Swedish scientist by the name of Svante Arrhenius who first proposed a relation between atmospheric CO2 concentrations and temperature.

Yes the pope can say carbon emissions are a sin. There are a few problems with this:

  1. On what basis is it a sin? As in when/where did God say it's a sin.
  2. Religious dogma as I mentioned
  3. The earth itself has carbon emissions. CO2 is released by volcanos and such. Would that mean the earth is a sinner?
  4. If religion is allowed to call certain technologies/scientific understandings a sin where will it stop? As in what's gonna stop the pope from saying batteries are a sin because they cause pollution when they are discarded. Plastic bags, tires, electronic devices, trains, cars, airplanes, cleaning products, cooking stoves, air refreshers, etc...

Anyway, my point is religion should stay out of science and classrooms and science policy.

With the Church forbidding contraception, any statement on CO2 will be just polishing the brass on a sinking ship.

The question of religion and science causing problems today is a little off. It's the question of different religions fighting for dominance; nearly every one of them claims to be the only true religion. When all label others infidels, problems are certain.

Science is a process, based on evidence, not faith. If people followed scientists with the same interest as they follow ms. Kardashian, things would get better. But the level of general education has been allowed to collapse, and entertainment reigns supreme.

We can only hope for a change.

science is still under development. What is belived as science in 19th Century is not the ALL same in 20th century. And whatever belived as 20th science is not ALL same. Still it is changing. I do agree only with established science facts if matching with Quran.

So as a logical person i can't use a "unstable thing" to evaluate "my FAITH".

In most cases people bring scientific discovery from Quran it is started from medivel period and goes on... as humans intelligent increases his understanding of Quran increases.

I don't bother about people come and criticize about stand on Quran. Things change... things will change.. All I do is have patience in the case of Quran stand and my reserch on Quran wrt morden science will carry on to prove Quran is words of God. You can find lot of reasrch available on line. I am aware lot of them putting their energy, money and time to prove Quran is Wrong. I have trust on Allah, God can't be wrong.

Anything which says in the name if science has attraction, but belive me what ever God decided became LAW, the way he ordered to happen is SCIENCE.

Edited: Before accepting anything we have to research to best of our satisfaction. That canfidence can come only after the references. Once We attain the confidance going back and doubting does put us uncomfortable like cat on the wall. It means that the our initial research was wrong. But wait how long we continue doing search, re-search?

If something is True and it is from GOD, it will ofcourse make it's point clear, comfortable and make sense. Though some times present day science May conflict, but can't jump to conclusion based on just one. In that also scientific people May have diffrence of opinion, but it does not mean that those opinions is correct. It may change. We can't doubt our own faith again and again. Till death we can't come to conclusions..

I am not against science, but I am Fed up of the idea that any hypothesis, theory are given same value as established science facts. All I am saying is if Islam religion is truth, it will prove it's truth over a period g time as science advances, you will see it's stand last long., but there is no guarantee that you will be alive to witness... If the judgement day is real (i belive so) you will stand In front of God with empty hand. But is m not urging you at the same time, make your investigation on the proven Quran verse and stand firm. God will of course show the path, but oftentimes we were in a position to doubt our own research and redo again and again, just like Obbessive compulsion , it will never make satisfy! Hope what I said make sense

Do Revelation and Science contradict each other?

No: Revelation and Science do not. and cannot, contradict each other, for both are of God.

There may at times be an apparent conflict between faith and science; but this is only apparent, and never real. God cannot contradict Himself. He cannot lead us into error. True Science is the handmaid of Religion. Science and the scientific method are means of arriving at the truth, and Religion is Truth. The greatest scientists have been Christians; a majority of outstanding leaders in science were Catholics, and many were priests. Only the shallow dabblers in science absurdly pretend that there is a conflict. The apparent conflicts arise from False Interpretations, as when one takes the scientific truth what is false or not proved, or accepts as a doctrine of faith something not taught by the Church.

There can never be a real conflict between Revelation and Science, because they deal with entirely different spheres. Revelation is concerned with Faith and spiritual things; physical Science is concerned only with material things.

In my personal opinion:

I believe in God, but I hate all the religions of the world. Confused!!!

Let me explain, I love God, I don't fear him. And all the religion teaches on a simple phenomena of fear. If you don't do this that will happen.

In a simple sense the so called religious leaders are on a simple and same formula to do a business of fear to rip the money out of pocket by marketing the fear.

Just a simple example, if you checkout when ever there is a depression, there is a increase in the collection in the religious places.

Science is a different track which runs parallel on logic and Proof.


This depends on how you approach to a religion. If you believe a religion unconciously, then religion becomes a barrier on science for you. However, if you approach religions, beliefs, theorems, etc. by questioning and finding out the truth, you will probably get a scientific view, which means that your view brings you science, thus truth.

To sum up, what I mean is that the relationship between science and religion is just depend on the relationship between you and religion, science, and life. If you do not change your view, you cannot find any truth about anything. Hope you all find the true way of thinking :)

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