Can running or jogging really reduce weight?


There are many myths around weight loss and fat loss out there. But to be specific, weight loss is just one of many benefits of running. With Freeletics Running I have come to know the cold hard facts how running can help to reduce weight that I am gonna share here.


  • Running uses up energy. And in order to lose weight, you must use more calories than you consume.
  • Running aerobically will, among many other positive effects, train your fat metabolism. As a rule of thumb, if you can hold a brief conversation while running, it is aerobic training.
  • But why is it important? Aerobic running means enough oxygen to be transported to the muscles. That allows aerobic energy generation and will increase the absolutely number of calories burned by the body, because you can run longer.
  • Usually, the body will metabolize more carbohydrates than fat during exercise. Because of aerobic training the body learns to use its energy supply systems more effectively.
  • Furthermore, the body can transport more oxygen and is able to generate more energy through fat, because this needs more oxygen than generating energy through carbohydrates. This is ideal, because without the carbohydrates, the body cannot burn fat. As more carbohydrates are left in the tank through this process, more intensive training can be completed before the body starts to slow down, such as more speed over a longer distance.

Overall, this means that long and fast runs (aerobic running) will help to boost weight loss.

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