Can sea moss burn stomach fat?

[I've lost about 105lbs since Jan. ‘16. For whatever reason, Quora won't let me use that as a credential.]

No food burns fat, much less fat in a specific place. If someone claims that some particular food burns stomach fat, they're probably trying to sell you that food.

I need to be a bit pedantic here for a moment. Your stomach is pretty high on your torso, right up under your heart. When most people say "stomach" in relation to fat, they usually mean "belly," which is lower down, around your navel and over your intestines. Most people don't have all that much fat over their actual stomach.

Anyway, the only way to burn belly fat, or fat in any other place, is to consume fewer calories than you burn. Your body will start burning fat to make up the difference. Where it takes that fat from is completely outside your control. Your body has its own hardwired scheme for where it take fat from and in what order (or where it deposits it and in what order, if you're gaining fat) and nothing you can do, no magic food or magic exercise, can change that. So the only way to burn the fat from the particular place you want to lose it from, is to consume fewer calories than you burn, and be patient. If you have excess fat over your belly, your body will eventually start taking excess fat from your belly to burn.

It might be the next place it takes fat from. Or it might take fat from your thighs, your hips, your upper arms, your neck, your back, and then from your belly. And it might take fat from your hips, your calves, your chin, a little from your belly, then your chest, your upper arms, a little more from your belly, more from your hips, some from your back, a little more from your belly, etc. Your body does what it does when it comes to burning or depositing fat, and all you can do is be patient. This is a marathon, not a sprint.

Usually - although not always - fat is burned in a last-on, first-off order. So if your belly was the last place you gained fat, it'll probably be the first place fat is burned from if you start losing. No guarantees, but there's a good chance.

If you want to lose fat, you need to burn more calories than you consume. The best way to do that is to attack both ends of the equation at once. Eat fewer calories with a healthy diet, and burn more by increasing your activity level.

Google "eating clean" and do some form of that. That's the diet I follow, and I've lost over 100lbs.

I also got a fitness band, one of those wristbands that counts your steps, and started walking more. It took me over a year and a half, but I eventually built up from walking less than 2000 steps a day to walking between 10K-15K steps per day, most days. If there are other kinds of activities you'd rather do, then that's fine. Anything you start doing that's more than you do now is good, and will help.

There's no trick, not special food, no special exercise, that'll burn belly fat in particular. Eating sea moss won't do it. Doing lots of sit-ups won't do it. Just eat fewer calories and burn more by exercising. Then wait for your body to decide to burn the fat it has stored on your belly. It's that simple, and that difficult.


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