Can snakes be domesticated?

No, and I don't really think they can be tamed either. They can be acclimated to human contact, but that's about it. Keeping something in a cage does not make it domesticated.

Domestication implies a species-wide dependence on humans to survive. To the people mentioning color morphs as evidence of dependence, tell that to Florida. They have wile Burmese and reticulated pythons to the point that they're having to be hunted.

People who think their snakes are domesticated are the ones who shoe up on the news when a tragedy happens and their pet snake kills a pet or a child. These are wild animals, and must be treated as such.

There seems to be confusion about what it means to be domesticated. An individual animal is never domesticated, domestication happens to a species. No matter how friendly your pet tiger, or how much your pet harpy eagle likes sitting in your lap, they are not domesticated animals. An individual is tamed, a species can only be domesticated over many generations of living in a directly symbiotic relationship with humans. With this in mind, it is still debatable whether cats have been domesticated since they aren't really dependant on the relationship, but given their preference to live at least near humans, and their success at living with humans, they fall closer to domestication.

Reptiles are not domesticated, and it is doubtful they ever could be. Domestication is a relationship, which tends to limit it to animals capable of relationships. Tigers, birds of prey, and snakes don't have relationships outside of mating, which is brief. This makes them not even candidates for domestication. Horses, cattle, elephants, dogs, cats, chimpanzees, and so on all have relationships. They are at least candidates for domestication, and successful domestication depends on a lot of other factors.
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