Can some animals (like cats and dogs) sense paranormal activity (like spirits)?

I have a cat and I've had him for about two years. He is an absolutely normal cat and with a super normal behavior but he has really freaked me two times.

-Once, we were laying in bed resting and all of a sudden he jumped out of nothing, crisped his tail, bent his back, and started growling and meowing crazily at our room door which was open. After around half a minute or so, he jumped backwards as if something was trying to get him and ran to hide below the bed. I tried to get him out but he was shivering, meowing and moving his tail frenetically, and he wouldn't let me pick him out, he even bit me, and he was still watching the same spot around the door and the continuous wall without even blinking. He was truly terrified. He stayed like that for at least 15 minutes, staring at the wall, meowing, growling. I've never actually seen any paranormal thing ever in my life, but I do believe in it, and I actually thought he might have been looking at something, so just in case I started shouting GO! several times, and around a couple of minutes my cat calmed down and I was able to take him from below the bed. He was then back to his normal self and this never ever happened again. Weird.

-There was another time, and this lasted for around a week, where he would literally keep looking at a wall, completely unafraid, and sometimes played next to it really as if he was playing with someone, he even headbumped the air. This happened once or twice a day for around a week, and then it stopped, and also never happened again. He seemed to be having fun though, so I didn't worry much about this one.

I am 100% convinced that in both cases he was not looking at bugs or dust or anything, I know my cat. Both cases, especially, the first, were freakishly weird. Apart from that he has stared at walls many times and for long moving his tail from side to side, but these were the only two times when he actually "interacted" or "reactyed" while doing it.

And in case you want to meet my crazy kitty, he has an instagram account (edited to add this, since he is so super cute)

Sir Tope Alberto Tapia (@topethecat) • Instagram photos and videos

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