Can taking only supplements help lower high cholesterol or do you need statins to reduce it?

Yes absolutely. Niacin can lower high cholesterol as well as LDL cholesterol and raise HDL cholesterol as well or in some cases better than statins it can also lower triglycerides where statins won't. I'm talking nicotinic acid the flushing stuff not niacinamide and not inositol nicotinate or flush free Niacin. I use it myself for this exclusively as does my wife and other family members with great success. Niacin also reduces LP(a) where I may be wrong but I don't believe statins will. Perhaps high dose CoQ10 will but Niacin does as prescription Niaspan also will. Niacin in the nicotinic acid form comes in immediate release formulas as well as timed release or delayed release formulas. Many like the timed release type because of less flushing however this type has been shown to raise liver enzymes in greater frequency in some people necessitating that they stop the therapy. Timed release niacin is also stronger acting in the body compared to immediate release formulas. Therefore less is needed for effectiveness but it may be harder on the liver. I believe it's about twice as strong as the immediate release type. I use a higher dose of immediate release and have for maybe 20 years now. When used in therapeutic amounts niacin can have side effects that are not for everyone. Besides the flushing that is only temporary niacin can in some people raise blood sugar a bit. Statin drugs can also do this. People susceptible to gout should be careful using niacin as it can raise uric acid and agrivate the condition. I have read and not sure but it might bother people with glaucoma. There could be other cautions as well like monitoring liver enzymes as you would while taking a statin.I am not a Dr just a guy who uses it and do not recommend taking Niacin in therapeutic amounts without supervision and consultation with your Doctor to make sure it is safe for you.

Which is better, lifting 50 lbs at 10 reps or lifting 100 lbs at 5 reps?

For starters weight lifting isn't entirely linear so lifting 100 lbs isn't necessarily twice as hard as 50 lbs. for example bicep curling 50 lbs is really easy but bicep curling 100 lbs is exponentially harder.I'm guessing that your question is more about whether lifting at higher rep ranges or lower rep ranges is better. If you're

Do you like to work hard or hardly work?

I like to hardly work, unlike most people who demand to think and know stuff that doesn't make them look too dumb.I happen to know that conscientiousness and intelligence are independently correlated, which begs the question of berksons paradox.It is obviously only mere mortals require grit to get

Is it too late to become a fitness model at the age of 30?

A2AIt is not too late... there are actually certain demand for such model category i.e 30's and 40's and well fit model.But it is really depend on market you are in... or targeted demographic.For example, in the many of developed economy, their population are fairly old, and