Can the U.S. still call itself a wealthy nation?

Yes it can still be considered wealthy because it has the highest GDP. The debt is less relevant than that - the debt ratio to GDP is high but not the highest in the world. And while it potentially can cause problems, the debt isn't as bad as for some countries because the US prints its currency and therefore can't go bankrupt. Also, much of the debt is owned domestically, meaning it generates wealth for US citizens that will be put back into the local economy and therefore taxed again. So the nature of the US debt is very different from, say, a personal credit card debt. Even if it wasn't, the total net worth of the country's citizens, corporations, and governments, including debt, is vast - in the hundreds of trillions of dollars.

What are appropriate classroom behaviors?

Coming to class and being prepared to learn.Remaining seated at all times unless instructed otherwise, or given permission to leave seat.Following all directions given by the teacher.Staying focused on the lesson and tasks assigned.Taking notes on teachers lessons.Participating in the class.Treating the teacher and fellow students with respect.Staying awake and alert (no putting head on desk to sleep).

What is the worst book, movie, or video game genre?

This is very subjective. So, this is like just my opinion, man.The worst book genre is self-help books. As far as I can tell none of these books are actually intended to help you, the authors prey on people's hope for better life

What would happen if America took over the world?

Look out your window. Turn on your television. That's what it would look like. You're living it right now. The U.S. Inherited the title of global hegemon after we defeated the soviets in the Cold War.The new type of "soft imperialism" is a U.S. Regime. The WTO, IMF, world bank, etc are all operating under