Can the US win a simultaneous war against Canada and Mexico, if the war happened today?

Certainly, but it would not be a sure thing.

Assuming Canada and Mexico get no help, and the U.S. is willing to fight a war of attrition, they are more than capable of grinding down both nations to nothing. They are also capable of scoring quick victories against major targets.

Two things could get in the way:

  • Either nation could switch from conventional warfare to guerrilla tactics. Many Mexicans are familiar with these tactics already because there are rebel groups fighting the government.
  • Either nation could get help. If the U.S. attacked Canada, NATO would be required to declare war against the United States. Assuming NATO could move troops closer to American soil (perhaps on French and British dependencies near the United States like St. Pierre & Miquelon or Barbados) they could open up several new fronts.

Do blind people marry only other blind people?

Blind people are no different than anyone else in choosing their romantic partners and/or spouses. There is no reason why a sighted person and a blind person cannot be perfectly happy together. The question also presupposes that sightedness (and blindness) are permanent - sighted people may become blind (indeed, many

What happened to the kaiser during WWII?

He lived long enough to see the new German army inflict a crushing defeat on his old enemies- France+the UK in May,June 1940..For some strange reason,the allies offered to evacuate him when the German offensive in the west started.As a patriotic German,he refused and ,like all patriotic Germans,he rejoiced in the German victory.Wrote a letter to

What is a career in the U.S. military like?

No two careers in the military are going to be the same. That said, for the vast majority of people it will be 20+ years of fairly mundane/routine activity. You will inevitably end up in a crappy place doing unpleasant work at strange hours in too hot/cold weather. Most days will be normal, but sometimes