Can the earth be round and flat?

Good lord, it is enough to ask about flat earth nonsense and now someone is asking about a flat-round earth!!!

I guess you could get ridiculously technical and say that depending on the resolution, a sphere can be an infinite sequence of short flat segments.

This is a low polygon sphere...

Here we run into the problem with the word ‘round.' We think we know what it means, but it doesn't mean what you think.

Do you mean ‘round' like a plate, like a pancake, like a bowl, like a ball (and what sort of ball), like a cake, like a donut, like a game of golf, like a type of song? See, there are so many shape options the word is meaningless in this context.

Yes in a way. For example, navigators often need a flat map, so they can see all regions at once. So a map of the globe can represent the earth with a flattened picture, for convenience.

This has been done very skillfully, since the time of Mercator.

There are compromises. He had to allow for big distortions, in order to get all the angles and degrees correct.

So the sizes of land masses far from the equator are stretched. So Greenland looks way too big. The poles are stretched all the way across the top and bottom of the map. A very useful picture, but only a picture.

Imagine a globe, painted on a beachball.

Then flatten it so that all of ball's surface lies flat and face-up on a table. This involves a lot of careful cutting. Now you can all the globe at once. But some parts of it are stretched out to make it lie flat, with no spaces in between the pieces.

One might say that roundness is an emergent phenomenon that reveals itself with altitude, when locally the surface appears flat. Or something like that. A topologist might say something interesting about the question.

At different scales and places, the Earth reveals itself differently. But taken as a whole, it appears like a spheroid to me. In physics it is most easily represented for the widest range of uses in that form, deviating only to simpler ideal conditions for the purposes of instruction or simplicity for calculation.

Of course it can.

The only catch is, to make the quantum leap from "can" to "is", there has to be some supporting evidence. So far I have seen none.

We know HOW gravity works on earth, empirically. I am inviting any flat earth enthusiast to explain how a flat earth model would provide the gravity as we know it is. (Without inventing a new physics law)

This question goes to prove how utterly ignorant, moronic, stupid, foolish and desperate a flat earther will be to get some traction. It doesn't matter that it's most inane question on the face of the planet, it's all about "look at me, look at me."

Have fun with your tired, worn-out, over-done hoax. If that's all the brain power you have, you won't last much longer. Your bulb is burned out.

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